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Why does content need to be accurately described?

To make photos findable via search and navigation, it is very important to accurately describe them. Consider the following photo:

It is a picture of a snake, titled "dangerous". It has no description or tags. As you see the photo, you recognize it is a snake. You know that snakes are dangerous, so the title seems to make sense as well.

The problem is, search engines do not understand photos. We know it is a snake, but a search engine does not. It has no ability to understand the image. All it sees is a photo without knowing what is on it. It will index this photo as "dangerous". People searching for snakes will never end up at this photo. The result is that as soon as this image moves away from the homepage, the chance that others will see it is small. Let's see how we can improve this.

How to describe photos

Here is a simple trick to remember: Try to describe your photos the way you would describe it to somebody would could not see it.

You will want to include the subject of the photo, subject details, the condition and position of the subject, and perhaps the environment it is in. Maybe you also want to include information about the tone, color or atmosphere of the photo. Here is an improved description of the snake:

Much better! The title summarizes the photo, and the description includes details on the subject, its position, and behavior. In addition, we included details on the environment, and the date of the capture. Not visible on the screenshot, but we also tagged this photo as Pitviper, Snakes, Reptiles, Mexico.

That's it. People can now find this photo via both navigation and search. It will result in more views for the photo!

Who can describe photos?

When signed in, you can describe all photos that you uploaded. In addition, you can earn the social image editing ability. With this ability, you can also describe photos uploaded by others, much like a Wiki. Feel free to help out other photographers by describing their photos if they did not do it themselves. Describing photos is a community activity!

To make it even easier for you to help improve the classification of photos, there is a convenient screen that shows you all photos that are not classified yet:

View unidentified photos

How to get even more exposure

We just discussed how accurately describing photos helps attracts more photo views via navigation and search. An additional way is to share content on your social networks. Throughout JungleDragon, you will find share and embed links that make it easy to do so.