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African striped skink

Trachylepis striata

The African striped skink , commonly called the striped skink, is a lizard in the skink family . The species is widespread in East Africa and southern Africa. It is not a close relation to the Australian striped skink, ''Ctenotus taeniolatus''.
African Striped Skink at Ngorongoro crater lodge We found this African Striped Skink right outside our lodge that was situated at the edge of the fabulous Ngorongoro crater. As a side note, we regret staying in that lodge. Its excessive luxury in such a unique wildlife spot was totally out of proportion. Poor research on our behalf. Africa,African Striped Skink,Ngorongoro,Ngorongoro Crater,Serengeti area,Tanzania,Trachylepis striata


This skink is brown or bronze coloured with two yellowish stripes that run lengthwise on either side of the spine. Both sexes grow to a length of 25 cm. Their tails are often missing due to predators.


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SpeciesT. striata