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Andaman Bronze-back

Dendrelaphis andamanensis

Arboreal and a sunshine loving snake, active in low bushes and trees at all hours of the day, less active in dull weather. Fast and active in its movements, can dive a good distance from branch to branch. Many speciemens were sighted at different timings, mostly in bright sunshine. Shy and timid in behavior, but bites several times when handled, mild swelling takes place around the site of the bite for half an hour. Mainly feeds on frogs, geckos, lizards and small birds. Many times it enters wooden house roofs in search of geckos, I have seen them in pairs chasing each other in the month of June. Not much known about its breeding biology, juveniles are seen in the month of June. Grows upto 1.3m.

Andaman Green Bronzeback - Dendrelaphis andamanensis
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Description & Scalation : Snout broader and squarer, eye as long as its distance from the middle or the anterior border, of the nostril; head distinct than neck, elongate. Large eye with round pupil. Internasals as long as, or a little longer than, the prefrontals; 1 loreal longer than high, elongate; 1 preocular, reaching upper surface of the head, touching the frontal; 2 postoculars; temporals 2+2 or 2+3. Vertebral scales stongly enlarged, larger than the dorsals of the first row, scales smooth, in 15:15:11 or 10 oblique rows; supralabials 9-10 ( 4th just touching; 5th and 6th below the eye ); 9-11 infralabials first 4 or 5 touching the first pair of genials. Ventrals 176-196, with sharp, lateral keel; subcaudals 125-146, paired; tail very long, wire like; anal divided.

Coloration : A beautiful long, slender tree snake. Bright grass green to yellowish green above, all the dorsals and the outer margins of the ventrals edged with black, pale green below or edged with black. Head green; lips and lower jaw light yellowish or pale green; a narrow black temporal stripe that starts from nasal, covers the lower edge of the temporal region. Tongue red with black tips. Juvenile has bronze color above, pale green below. Head green.


India : Endemic to Andaman and Little Andaman Islands.


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Status: Unknown